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Those of you who have a Sirius Radio tune in tomorrow to The Bubba The Love Sponge Show to hear my songs. They are going to play:

1. Spongebath
2. Drugs In That Bag Boy
3. Total Eclipse

At about 4:30 PM

Hells YA!!!


Great news i just got confirmation that my song Drugs in that Bag Boy will be played on the Red Peters Show on the Howard 101 Channel on Sirius. I am not sure when it will be played but he said that as soon as they run the show again which will probably be in a couple of weeks, he will play my song!!!

Check out his show at <a><a>

I need to make more shtuff!

2008-01-06 18:57:24 by AudiosErgeon

Its about time for some new songs! hopefully this quarter I will get to work on some new material, since Matt Steiner is back from school. Also hope to finish the anticipated sequel to Spongebath!